Johanna Tano

Johanna Tano

Creative Technologist

Coming from internationally acclaimed production companies, Acne and most recently B-Reel, Johanna is one of Swedens leading Creative Technologists. Her extensive knowledge and experience gives her that birds eye view needed to handle the great complexities of digital/physical productions as well as a passions for the hands on code and electronic hardware work.

She has been Technical Director on many international productions including Volvo, H&M and SAS.

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Adam Wittsell

Adam Wittsell

Concept Development

Adam develops concepts combining storytelling and new technology. Being one of the pioneers of 3D-animation in Sweden he's always been interested in telling stories through new mediums and technology.

He has led creative and technical teams for more than 15 years in everything from visual fx, commercials, games, advertising and stage shows. He has created and produced work for most big agencies, production companies and game studios in Sweden. His recent work together with Starcom for the Church of Sweden has won numerous awards, including Festival of Media and Planner of the Year.

24 years later, Adam's has also finally reunited with his high school sweetheart: skateboarding.

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Magnus V. Östergren

Magnus V. Östergren

Creative Director

Magnus designs, directs and produces audio-visual experiences, creative applications and motion graphics.

With 20+ years in the advertising, film and interactive industry, he's produced campaigns for clients like NIKE, Google and Spotify. His interactive work has been featured on IGN, Kotaku, Time, Vice and have also won multiple awards such as FWA (Adobe) and the Annecy Crystal (Best Documentary Short)

His wienerdog Van Helsing is the most important thing in his life.

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