We are a creative studio

exploring intersections

where digital meets physical


Nike WC 2014 Campaign

Memorable sports moments, remixed in real time

Mountains of Mouthness

Mountains reading tweets out loud in realtime

Kinect for Cannes

During the Cannes Lions festival we helped Microsoft challenge the way we will interact with digital services in the future.

Mylight – Connected Candles

Our campaign to boost the digital presence of The Church of Sweden

Savio – Nigredo 1.0

Race forever in a 360° world.


Johanna Tano

Johanna Tano

Creative Technologist

One of Swedens leading Creative Technologists. Her extensive knowledge and experience gives her that birds eye view needed to handle the great complexities of digital/physical productions.

Adam Wittsell

Adam Wittsell

Concept Development

Developer of concepts combining storytelling and new technology. Being one of the pioneers of 3D-animation in Sweden he's always been interested in telling stories through new mediums and technology.

Magnus V. Östergren

Magnus V. Östergren

Creative Director

Designs, directs and produces audio-visual experiences, games, creative applications and motion graphics.